PEI Tuna Charters with Reel Tuna Charters

PEI Tuna Fishing Charters from North Lake, Prince Edward Island

The forecast is extremely fishy with a high possibility of your PEI Tuna Fishing Charters from Reel Tuna Charters hooking up and fighting with a bluefin tuna. You might want to put on that oil gear and be ready for the splash of your life and go tuna fishing with Reel Tuna Charters in beautiful Prince Edward Island!

Experience catching a real life monster of the sea in the Tuna Capital of the World. Climb aboard the Cat Sass with Captain Blake Wood and get bitten by the tuna fishing bug! Catch live bait, set the lines and reel in a Giant Bluefin Tuna!

From a business retreat to a family outing Reel Tuna Charters caters to all. Its an experience you wont forget and it’s our job to make sure of that.

Find out more about tuna fishing in Prince Edward Island with Reel Tuna Charters.


Bluefin are the largest tuna and can live up to 40 years. They migrate across oceans and can dive more than 4,000 feet. Bluefin tuna are made for speed: built like torpedoes, have retractable fins and their eyes are set flush to their body. They are tremendous predators from the moment they hatch, seeking out schools of fish like herring, mackerel and even eels. They hunt by sight and have the sharpest vision of any bony fish. There are three species of bluefin: Atlantic (the largest), Pacific, and Southern. You can catch bluefin tuna in the Tuna Capital of the World – North Lake, PEI that weigh more than 1,300lbs.


Situated amidst an absolutely stunning seascape vista which provides visitors with an array of impressive views, Souris serves as the economic hub of Eastern Kings County. Heavily dependent on both land and sea which aids in preserving the rich farming and fishing traditions of the region, Souris residents maintain a very comfortable rural lifestyle that serves to enhance the community’s charm. The Basin Head Fisheries Museum gives visitors a glimpse into the regions history while the neighboring white sand beach is one of the province`s finest. As well, numerous retail stores, restaurants and public services are available in town while a ferry service offers transportation to Les Iles-de-la-Madeleine.